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      We are Equal Voice.

      Women. Men. Gender diverse folks. From all political parties. From all parts of the country. Together, we are Equal Voice, a national, bilingual, member-based, multi-partisan organization that - since 2001 - has been advocating for the equal representation of women in Canada’s Parliament, in provincial and territorial legislatures, and on municipal and band councils.?

      Daughters of the Vote - 2021

      Equal Voice invites young women* and gender-diverse youth, born between January 1st, 1993 and December 31st, 2001 to apply for the first ever Virtual Daughters of the Vote program, taking place March 5-8, 2021.

      One delegate from every federal riding in Canada will be chosen to represent their community and vision for Canada at the event.

      Join us at an event.

      Impact Map

      Learn about, take action for and celebrate women led campaigns across the country.


      Help us make it happen.

      To continue to advocate and to organize, we need your help.
      Your donation—whatever the size—goes to helping us continue get the message out.

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